Blender GUI Seperation


looked, searched and read a lot about the nice Blender GUI and the possible separation of it from the internals of animation/game engine.

Question: Is someone Thinking about, in process of or has finished the separation of the GUI form the internals.

Or can you point me to discussions were they painstakingly try to convince us it is useless to try and attempt this
as many have tried before but failed;
as the code is one big maze with pit traps and poisonous spiders everywhere lurking to bite you and digest you while still alive;
as I will be old and demented before I might ever succeed in doing so;
as my nails would not last the horror and agony of stress …

thanks and regards


hey moderator,

would it be ok to post this question also on the ‘basics and interface’ forum? Maybe I’ll get more reply there?



AFAIK no - I think they are separated enough, and dont hear devs saying more should be done in this area.

Whats the purpose of further separation?

— note, you can compile blender headless == no UI or windowing, maybe this helps?