Blender Guru - Character Competition

Hey you, welcome!

Here you will find the progress of this image, I would love your feedback and thoughts!

Final Image


Starting sculpting the girl!


Cool expression on the character!
What is the story?
Good luck, mate!

Thanks Toshi! In this concept, it is a boy possessed by his toy, which is a spirit of a “not so scary” looking girl.

Ultimately, we are our environments, who we hang out with, etc.

I am playing with the contrast of their expressions, to show that even though she is the spirit, he is the one that looks scary.

Things are not always what they seem!

What about you are you joining the fun?

Man i’m motivated today ahah!

Here goes the bear, now that i got the overall look of all the characters, time to refine things a little!


Phew, i’m glad i was able to get to this point this fast. This is one of these days things just work out the way you expect them to. Here is where i am now.

I did the kid mostly yesterday, and the rest today.

Guys think i should add an environment?


Lovely concept and design!

It’s a very interesting picture! But I just don’t understand if the girl is a snake or a ghost. And of course you should add an environment. Just choose something mysterious that fits with the story behind the picture.

@Kroiden Thanks!

Thanks Dolux! Ahah you are not the first to be confused, it is a spirit coming from the bear :slight_smile: This is just a concept sculpt, it will be either smoke or spiritual stuff coming out of the bear, so it should become clearer in the future!

Okay then I understand. I noticed actually not that “the tail” began at the bear. :o Anyway, I look forward to see the results!

Great idea and love it :d the girl spirit that is cute and all that and a human boy that is more evil and scarry that a ghost. Much like Casper was the cute one in all the movies and animations. I would make the bear less, whole and more torn apart. So like the kid is playing with the “life” of the spirit while the spirit tries to seduce the kid into not destroying the bear and thus destroying her.

I am planning to tear up the bear! Your idea is actually very interesting, however, tearing up the bear alone won’t be enough. At that point i’ll have to do something with the spirit to insinuate that she is trying to stop the boy from harming the bear.

Even though i love that idea, the image and the story i am going for is a little different.

Thank you a lot for your feedback, helps greatly!

Was my pleasure to help, in fact I love so much what you are doing, so it comes easy :smiley: Bon courage!

Nice work. She almost resembles a naga spirit. (Technically a nagi, but that would get confused with the Lakota mythology.)

Woah I’m impressed, I’m just starting out with Blender and seeing what people can do with it is inspiring. Keep it up!

Really nice work! How did you do the sketch?
I’m not so able to draw, it’s a problem if I want to model characters?

Such encouraging words, merci Pixel!

Thanks, and ahah, i just checked that out in google. You are right, i think that will change when i post my next update!

It is very encouraging when i help inspire someone, it means i’m doing something right! Thanks :wink:

Hmm, to be blunt i have been learning how to draw very recently, i’m not that good at it yet.

It is very important to know how to draw in my opinion, it improved my workflow and results by heaps!

As for characters what you need more than drawing is anatomy knowledge, and a lot of practice! Add drawing to that and your set!