Blender Guru Christmas Comp. - WIP

This is my first time competing in any kind of competition for Blender, so feedback is extremely welcome!

[Latest version]

[Earlier versions]


interesting! can’t wait to see it textured :slight_smile:

I agree. Some more details and then this one can turn into awsome! :slight_smile:

@ mobyfreerunner ; Thanks! Texturing the tree will be a real pain in the ass. :wink:
@ Xerubian; Thank you! I already added the basket, and I still have to add more ornaments, adjust the presents and the logs. Lots to do! :smiley:

well done! but I don’t like the leaves. somehow it’s too thin.

@220696; I’ve been fiddling around with the leaves, they’re slightly thicker now.

nah, okay, lit up the scene!