Blender Guru Christmas Competition: WIP

Yeeah! Its that time of year again…I enter every year, you can see my previous entry’s by clicking the links in my Signature. (I think they are there)

Not sure what Im going to model yet, but It may involve snow this year…

Welcome to suggestions :slight_smile:

Ill post an update later today, when I have some time to sit down and work out what im going to do :slight_smile:

I like your previous renders but i think you need a bit more realism.

How about a modern house with a spacious living room and a wide window thats fogged up a bit,a Christmas tree on the right with happy children opening presents and Santa peeking through the window on the left side with a smile on his face,a letter in his left hand a hot cup of cocoa in his right hand melting some of the fog away. (warm and homie inside and cold and snowy outside)

Ive decided what im going to do, inspired by an image of Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park, London.
Here is a screen in object mode :slight_smile:


Here is the first render…Coming along nicely, much left to do :slight_smile:

here is another update…some trees have appeared, more to come. Will also work on the huts around the edge, and the tree bark. Just trying to get the lighting sorted out a little atm.

Little bit of progress today…worked on the cabins, and and am now happy with them…also jumped into the compositor quick just to work on the main lights a little…give them a little glow and glare. She is already a bitch to render, so will be doing some small renders for a while as its taking a while…

Over next couple of days ill remove the placeholder lights around the edge, and model some real ones. Will also fill the background space with more trees, and some distant rides, and lights etc…

Looking good. I would try to give the lights a yellowish tint like an incandescent bulb. It might give the scene a warm, Christmasy feeling that will add to the atmosphere.

I agree with ranger. A yellowish light woult make it make it more realistic.

The attachment above is not working so I can’t check your idea. What disturbes so far is the ice. If it is used it’s white with scratches on it. It looks more like flat snow that ice cubes. I like the chains of light, gives it a special touch. Where shall the focus be at the end? What about some skyline in the background?

Some feedback…hooray :slight_smile:

Already taken the advice to change the lighting from cold to warm. The main focus of the scene will be the central grand stand, the backdrop will be filled with other things, some lights (which with DOF will be blurry and out of focus)

Ill get a new render done this evening…there is now some panels on the boarding around the band stand which helps the ice a little more.

Thanks :slight_smile:

This is looking great will be watching the progress thru out.

Here is some more progress…starting to build up the background a little…still gotta work on the lights around the edge, as they are only really place holders atm…Most of the background will be blurred out with DOF anyway though

Here is a 100 sample update…little bit of compositing done…DOF added so that backdrop isn’t in focus…also tweaked the glare on the hanging lights, and added lights around the tent. Also replaced and remodelled the lights on the outside :slight_smile:

It’s a lovely scene. But I think that I would lower the DOF a bit again. It is really blurry in the foreground, now. What are your further plans for the scene?

Ive taken your advice and have lowered the DOF…after looking at it again, I realised that it needed to be much more subtle…

In regards to further plans…im not really sure. ill try and make it look as christmasy as possible etc…I would have liked to add some people skating, but my skills would ruin it :slight_smile:

Well, honestly, it is strongly demanding for people :slight_smile: Because the whole scenery is made for people. But I think that people in the background near the huts could work very well. This way they don’t need to be very detailed. And perhaps someone preparing for skating at the rear part of the icy surface. Another possibility could be to show the opening of the Christmas market in the early morning, preparing for the people. And it would really benefit from snow, as you mentioned in your first post.

Good ideas :slight_smile: thanks

We have snow…well a little :slight_smile: due to the lights overhead…would the snow settle on the bandstand roof do you think? or would the ambient temperature melt the snow? Also, where to do you think the snow should be added elsewhere? It will be a pain to do the leaves on the trees!

also, im struggling with the DOF…I only really want the background blurred a little, but I may just remove it completely if I can’t get it to work properly…foreground is still too blurry

Right im happy with the level of snow I have atm…need to tweek the snow on the band stand roof a little, make it a bit less puffy. This is 1000 samples tho, and there is still a fair bit of noise, which is a pain!

The snow is looking good already. How noisy is the render if you experimentally disable the chains of light? Plenty of small light sources in a scene mean a lot of work for the tracing of all the rays. If the noise is significantly better with the hidden chains it could be worth a try to change the node setup for the light bulbs. You could use a light path node to make the emitter visible for the camera only. Just an idea …