Blender Guru Comp. Entry

Hello everyone!

I just need some feedback on this image.

It’s not even close to being done. I know I need to fix the lighting, fill in the grass, and, obviously, the background.

I’m having trouble trying to figure out how to fit everything I need into the camera shot and make it look good and not too crowded.

The competition is “How it really happened” so what I’m trying to do is make it look like the minions went back in time and built Stonehenge. What’s happening in the scene is that the minion with 2 eyes is “Guiding” the guy in the crane but gets distracted by his phone which leads to the crane hitting the other rock. The other minion is freaking out and trying to get the first minions attention.

I really want to capture the second minions reaction and the “motion” of the rocks hitting each other. I stuck the time portal in the background to kinda help with the “story” of the image.

I’ve though of adding a few things to make it look more like a construction scene, perhaps a few more minions looking at a blueprint right where the rock is about fall. Or maybe some caution tape and barriers.

Thoughts? (on anything, not only what was mention above)

This was all a bunch of jumbled thoughts and comments. So if you need me to clear something up please let me know.

Thanks in advance!

Hah, actually made me laugh. This is a good idea for the comp.

Regarding the render - the main problem is it is outside in direct sunlight but no shadows! Add a sun lamp with 5mm (realistic sun size) diameter and lower the environment strength if necessary.

Classic! Great concept.

I might consider going toon for everything, the mix of toon and realism is a bit of a clash. And maybe you should put another little guy beneath the stone that is about to fall. Ahhhh!

you dont want to clutter it too much with extra stuff. just make the two main characters more prominent, i got the joke straight away, so the story telling in the piece is spot on. you may want to consider some different poses for the foreman, like clutching his hat in despair or running towards the accident, just to see if you find something a bit more dynamic.

great interpretation of the competition guidlines ! :slight_smile:


I think the scene is far too green.

Do you think the lens blur works? Too much, too little?

Also, I think I’m gonna have to fix the first minion’s arm, it looks a little unnatural.

Otherwise, any critiques?

Bahahaha! This scene makes me laugh!

Much improved. I feel like the blur/DOF may not be needed, could you post one without it? The only other thing that jumps out at me is the sky which is too realistic. I would test a simple gradient blue to light blue. My eye is drawn toward the detail in the clouds when it wants to the be drawn towards the action. And consider making the one reading the blueprint also scratching his butt.

Alright, no blur and put the butt itch in there :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks for the idea! :smiley:

I know I still need to work on lighting, the grass and that weird seam across the minions face. Anything else you see that could help improve the image?

Blur is your call (of course it’s all your call!) But the grass is now looking too uniform, so maybe blur on the grass. I love the butt itch! Subtle too. In my opinion the sky works much better now.

The thing that jumps out, as you mentioned, is the lighting. In my opinion it’s a bit overexposed. I would experiement with turning the emission down some, and as also try to figure out where the light is coming from. There are no shadows and that kind of flattens a scene out. Here’s some false shadow on the large stone only, and some of high levels turned down.

But it’s your scene, it’s awesome, keep going. I’ve seen the entries so far, and this one is better than any of them.

Turned off Ambient Occlusion in attempt to make the shadows more harsh. I played around with the sun settings and I can’t seem to get the harsh shadows. Any recommendations?

Also, I can’t get the grass to be thick and lush, it looks way too patchy and whole sections are pointing in one direction while others point in another. I’ve never had problems like this before. I think I’m just gonna restart the grass. I added the red helmets in order to draw more attention to the minions.

Any other problems you see with it?


Alright, whudya think folks???

Everything looks great, but the minions need to be more shiny. And the gru logo on the shirts needs to be darker.

Alright, About to call it good. Any other comments before I do?

The lighting needs to be redone. The grass and flowers also could have some work done to tthem. Otherwise great!

Yeah, I knew the flowers looked a bit cheesy. What needs to be done with the lighting? You think the suns in the wrong spot? or the scene is too blue? Shadows are too harsh?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

I think the shadows are good, the sun light is a touch overexposed. The environment light is a bit too blue, I’d advise tweaking it a bit. The color looks nice on the sky, but the light it casts is too blue.

The sky needs to be a plainer and more cartoonish blue. Look at the sky.

Yeah, you were right about the sky, this looks WAY better! Did some minor adjustments in Gimp, brightness/contrast and white balance. Turned down the sun intensity and turned Ambient Occlusion back on with .2 factor.

Do you all think the clouds look okay? I don’t think they’re exactly what I was looking for. Too big perhaps?

Thanks again!

The clouds are great,but a gradient would help. Also the minoins need to be more yellow, and maybe give them some SSS. In my opinoin, the clouds should probably look more cartoonish,.

SSS? I did use a gradient, I guess it wasn’t strong enough. You can kinda see it on the original:

I guess I’ll have to go back and redo that sky :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks yet again!

I think you’re doing a great job here. My notes are:

  • Try to position the clouds so they don’t distract or interfere; make sure they’re a background element. Right now you have clouds right above the foreground figure’s head so it looks like he has steam or clouds coming off the top of his head. The clouds near the top of the obelisk are a distraction too. Reducing their opacity might go a long way.
  • The story is very easy to get very quickly, which is great. But the first thing I thought when I first saw your image is “why is the crane almost completely cutoff?” Similarly, the chained obelisk appears to be floating in the sky or crashing down from above. We know what’s implied in the image, but making it more explicit I think will make it more effective.
  • If you include the crane, sort of in the background, with a larger portion of the crane arm in view (increase the height of the image?), the angle of the crane arm coupled with the suspended obelisk will serve as a compositional element, pointing to the action. This would be similar to how the foreground figure’s arm is pointing backwards toward the action.

Hope you find these helpful.