Blender Guru Comp - Saying Goodbye - Eldar's entry

Yet another WIP for the BG competition!

Been working on this since the competition started. I’m new to Blender, (4 months in), so progress is going slow.

The story is about growing up and leaving childhood.

Need some CC from you guys. I’m not finished with all the modeling but most of it is there. Rendered with Cycles, 300 passes.

Upload doesn’t seem to work so here’s a link.

Little update. Added some elements and did color correction.

Please comment, tell me what you think guys, I can take it!

Does anybody know why I can’t upload my images. Can it be because I’m a newbie?
Anyway, heres a link.

The plastic bag is great! But I would fix the tape, I had a hard time reading the word “toys” at first.

Thanks for the reply!

Actually I did that on porpose :slight_smile: to keep the viewer looking at the picture a bit longer, but maybe that wasn’t such a good idea!?

Anyone else? What do I need to improve/change? This is my first big project, I’ve only done tutorials before this so I need your help.

Wow! 113 views and only one reply! I must be doing something very wrong! :slight_smile:

use the attachment thing fo rth epost. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve tried but I get “Upload failed” :frowning:

Rotate the trash bag so the words “Jimmy’s toys” are more obvious
the trash bag and trash cans are a little too reflective

It was the file size! :o


A little update. Turned down the reflections and completely redone the tape. Also added some rubbist in the trash.

Let me know what you think.


Thats impressive for just using Blender 4 months. I had nothing even close to this 4 months into using Blender :/. Adding to what ldh1109 said, i think since this scene looks like its in an a back ally, you should make it more grungy, mainly the trashcans. Also, the right side looks too empty IMO, so maybe add another toy or something. Other than that, I like the story and idea :slight_smile: Nice job.

@fpsgod17; thanks for your kind words! It has not been easy I’ve put my soul in to this. Started from scratch a couple of times and watched tons of tutorials.

Yes I picture this on the side/driveway of a house in the country. The planks in the back are just a “windprotector”, can’t find the right word :D.

Here’s an update. I’ve made the trashcans real dirty and added a football. Don’t want to add to much stuff on the right side because the boys shadow needs to be visible.

I’m posting the node setup for the trashcans if anybody is interested.

The deadline is tomorrow so I’m pretty much done with this. Maybe a couple of small changes though :smiley:

Any comments are welcomed!


I’m calling this one finished. It has been a great learning experience and I’m happy with how it turned out.

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