Blender Guru Competition: Ancient Civilization!

New competition time folks!
The theme (as voted by fans on Facebook) is Ancient Civilization.

Castles, medieval warriors, ruins, swords… basically anything historical. This one should be fun :slight_smile:

Be sure to check out the prizes and full guidelines here:

To enter the contest, post your image in this thread.

NOTE: Only submit your image once. If you’d like ongoing feedback, please post a new thread in the WIP forum.

The deadline is the 9th September, 11:59PM GMT (5 weeks from announcement). No entries will be accepted past this time, so please note it in your calendar!

May the best artist win :slight_smile:

I want to participate in the competition, excuse my ignorance, but do not know how.

Hi Andrew,

I was wondering if the contest is limited to ancient English civilization only? Because we have a lot of ancient Civilization out there?

I think the clarification is to distinguish between something historically possible, and fantasy. I guess other ancients are fair game?

you basically have untilo the 9th of september to create an image which matches the topic…as long as you have followed the rules, post it on this thread when you are done :slight_smile: And thats hows you participate!

doubt i’ll have time to do this one, will have basically a week and a half to pull something awesome! dont think thats going to happen!

well im new on this and on blender too but i dont care im going to participate too…
Good luck for you guys

I’ve got some good ideas ^^ Let’s modelling !

ok, thank you very much for your attention

This is an awesome theme Andrew! I have been wanting this theme for a while now, so I am glad it is here now.I a

I have so many ideas, now all I have to do is figure out how I will create them in blender.

One quick question, I think I asked this same question last time, and never got an answer, but, are image textures allowed?

Blender textures are allowed. I recommend you to download them from

Well this was really easy to achieve for me my entry:


Nice one :stuck_out_tongue:


Hello everybody,

Is it allowed to base your scene on World War 2.

Is this ancient enough.

The question for WW 2 was because on the Blender Guru website as a inspiration I did see a picture from Evermotion with a bike in the image.

Hope I can get the information on this

Forget the bike, I’m pretty sure theres cars in the background of that one :eyebrowlift2:

Ancient civilisation! not modern History!

i would expect 1600’s to be the limit

Let’s say middle ages and before

I’m gonna enter this one! Here is my WIP thread