Blender Guru Competition: Ancient Civilization!

1800 with a Far West scene ? Battle with indians ?

Do you really believe that 19th century America is an ancient civilization ?
Ancient history is typically up to the early middle ages (5th-6th century), though I would argue that something like the Inca empire would also be suitable though well outside this time period. Just use common sense.

Common sense is relative ^^ but please don’t disagreeable with me ! There is still Incas descendants, but can we say that this civilization disapared ? Yes ! I think this is the same with Indians.

You make me doubt ^^ I have to change my scene ><

From wikipedia: Ancient history is the aggregate of past events[SUP][1][/SUP] from the beginning of recorded human history to the Early Middle Ages or the post-classical era.
The Early Middle Ages was the period of European history lasting from the 5th century to the 10th century.

This is my entry to the contest - an ancient watermill. This is a frame of my animation you can see here


This is my entry -an ancient watermill. This is a frame of my animation

Your image must be an entirely new creation, did you start making this before the competition was announced?

Also, you have a month…take your time with it, make it as best as you can :smiley:

I think it’s possible to make that in few days, but it could be easily improved :wink:

This is my WIP :wink: !

I began work the first of August inorder to submit it to the contest. I used a lot of duplicate andarray modifier. For example, all the beams of house, fence and bridgeare one and the same object scaled. The ground and the snow is thesame object, duplicated and subjected to displace modifier usingdifferents textures. Stones on the field are only two differentstones placed using hair particles. All day long it took me afiddling with water but my computer has a 16 Giga RAM so the bakingwas quick. The tree was done in the sampling add-on, a few manualcorrections of the trunk – the question of an hour work. If theparticipation in the competition is reserved for beginners only,please tell me that and I will withdraw my entry.

I think my picture is finished. Idisagree with the thesis that the quality of the work depends on theamount of time spent on it.


Thanks for a new competition Andrew.
Good luck to all you blenderheads out there!
I’m definetly going to try enter…


Ancient History is usually considered to have ended with the fall of the western Roman empire in 476AD. If it were my competition, anything (much) further on i would not consider eligible. However in Andrew’s pre-amble he states:

“Castles, medieval warriors, ruins, tribes… basically anything historical.”

So i think we have a lot of artistic freedom. I do think that anything post industrial revolution (late 1700s) is pushing it though…

I’ve got a question can we do something historical that is carried over today? Such as a traditional ceremony? I mean what I am thinking has been around since the 9th century but still very much part of the given culture today.

I can’t really answer for Andrew, but if the image show the people from the 9th century doing it, and not modern people, then I think it should be fine. Or well, that’s my view on it! :o

Ok I was pushing my luck with a scene from WW2. But there is a lot of confusion about the way to go. I know everybody wants to try their best, but it would be annoying when you entered your idea and it turns out it wouldn’t be suitable. So could Andrew “Blender Guru” Price please give his view on this. It could be really a big help.

For my entry I decided to do a large castle, although at first I thought it was rather large, looking online I discovered it seems to be a reasonable size for a castle. The scene itself is nearly 1,700,000 polygons.
The fire was done with the fire simulator, although in the .blend of the castle it is an image on a plane, to save computing power, as the scene lags enough without smoke simulator. The sparks were done using the particle simulator and a blend texture to make them fade out nicely and such.
The bricks varying color was made auto unwrapping all the bricks at once, putting each of them on their own little portion of the texture image, which gave a nice effect.
Orange and blue were used as the main colors in this image to create a heavy contrast between the top and bottom of the image, to make the image stand out.
My original concept was going to be a lava castle, with fountains draining lava into possibly a lava moat, but was eventually reconsidered as I don’t know if that would be considered going overboard with the fantasy aspect of the image. Instead, the lava was replaced by large raised brick fire pits, to create a major source of the orange light in the image. For the blue, a nebula was placed in the sky as a small touch of fantasy.
The horse is one of my favorite bits as I thought it turned out especially well, even thought a bit about trying something else making horses the center of attention, but decided to keep with the castle image.

Thanks for posting another contest, I hope you have enjoyed my entry, :).

Contrast, sharpness and saturation edited in and vignette added in Krita (because my Gimp is broken right now).


I might try to enter this contest. Here’s my WIP.

This is my finished entry:


I call it “War of the Ancients.” It takes a more lighthearted and fun approach to the theme.:slight_smile:

(It looks a little bit blurry in the thumbnail, but the picture is much clearer after enlarging it.)

Here is my entry

I could never do that in 7 days! Really great job