Blender Guru Competition: Christmas 2012

G’day all!

It’s time for another Blender Guru Christmas Competition!

This year’s winner will receive:

View the full guidelines here:

The deadline is the 21st of December at 11:59 GMT. The winner will be announced on Christmas Eve. :slight_smile:

Submit your entry into this thread by attaching it to your post, or posting it as a link.

May the best artist win :slight_smile:

Andrew Price

Hi… Underaged guys can partecipate? (You know, I’m only 16…)

I’m wondering if only people over 18 can join the contest…

I don’t think this is an age restricted contest and 16 is not underage by any means, I’m 17 and have participated in several contests :smiley:

All right! I was hoping for another Christmas competition.
Good luck to everyone. May the best blenderhead win!

Oh yes … You know… I’m Italian nd here you’re underaged until 18… Well, I’ll give a try

Great, all my exams are over so I should have time to make something.’

UPDATE: My entry :smiley: Not sure if I’ll change it before the deadline or not…
Fire was difficult to do in cycles (wasn’t done with BI and composited on, entirely cycles).

Here is my pic! This is my first time entering a competition and I just started using Blender, so I’m sure it’s no competition.
Merry Christmas to all! :slight_smile:

A good opportunity to do something, learn something and have fun!
If only the sky will not fall on our heads, I will take part. :smiley:

Maybe next time, I was very busy :frowning:

Very cool. What a fun thing to send out as a corporate E-card. Happy Holidays.

Ok, I am almost done with my entire scene, although I came across a problem. Seems that my computer is not strong enough to handle all the vertices and a smoke simulation at same time. So my question is this. Can I render my main scene alone, then render my smoke simulator scene on a different blend, then combine the two in Gimp? If so I will be providing both blend files.

NVM, I will be doing my scene using a test release of 2.65. This does away with the particles, so makes the work load easier for my computer to handle.

The deadline is December 21st, 2012. Heh heh. Sorry. I had to point that out. I hope I’m not the only one who finds it funny :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, count me in! I hope my entry will be finished in time.

This isnt my entry just wanted some feedback of my work so far i still need to put decorations and background etc but any tips would be appreciated thanks:)

This is my official entry as you can see its changed from my original idea I got the inspiration from a decoration thats hanging on my tree.Full res version

Rendered in cycles 800 samples in 14 hours.(dont have good computer but still there isnt much noise)

Thank you Andrew for this great opportunity to show off the best blender has to offer and all the tutorials.HAPPY CHRISTMAS!!! :slight_smile:

Started my entry… I have already learnt new things! Just wondering, you CAN use shader nodes in BI can’t you?
Thanks…and good luck everyone! :smiley:

Yes, you can use nodes in BI materials and combine shaders with mix nodes etc. I just created a shader with diffuse/specular mixed on the basis of a cloud texture input.

Don’t ever let your age limit you. Did you see the first entry in the last competition? He’s 13.

open up a new thread in the works in progress section thread…this thread isn’t really designed for feedback :slight_smile:

I have got to the point in the project were I could add more and more details, but I think I have finished! The fur on the hat could do with a little work but I am happy with the overall look. This is my first time using hair particles and I am really enjoying the freedom of them!
This was originally supposed to be steampunk, and it still has elements of that, but I think that it turned out as a half robot, half human Santa! :slight_smile:

Thanks, and good luck to everyone else!


EDIT 20/12/12: Decided to add cogs and ear pieces. Don’t know if it made it better or worse but it is no match for the other submitted images anyway :smiley:


I have to say, I do prefer the cycles nodes! :slight_smile:

Agreed, I’m only 14 and I’ve entered many competitions.