Blender Guru Competition: Christmas!

Ho ho,

With Christmas fast approaching, it makes sense to have another grand ol blender competition :slight_smile:

First prize is a Kindle Fire + $100 cash :slight_smile:

View all the Prizes and Guidelines here:

Enter the competition by posting your image in this thread.
If you need image hosting, I recommend

The deadline is December 19th, 11:59 GMT.

Merry Christmas!

May the best artist win :slight_smile:

Hmm… how to say this? It’s difficult to choose the right words, I’ll make it as brief and to the point as I can.

Andrew, as intelligent, brilliant and accomplished as you are, I wouldn’t want you to judge my work.

If you want to be taken seriously you need to employ two or more industry ‘elders’, professionals with one or two decades of experience and track record. These two or more people need to join you on the judging panel. Then it is still your site, your competition, you do take part in judging, and it’s also your discussion that follows once winners are known.

Failing to do so will damage your reputation and the reputation of those taking part. You don’t want to be known as an upstart, an upstart judge of all things, even if a bit of a frightfully prodigious one.

With that, good luck with the present competition, it should be fun. But for 2012, let it be better. As the movie says ‘Get on the phone and start making some calls!’

I say this with much love and admiration and I hope it reaches you well.

hi all,
my name is Giovanni Pennelli and im from italy.
im working on blender from less than a year and this is my first contest.
i think this is my first noteworthy work and i hope you like it, i called it “Eve in good company”
here is the pic:

hi all,
my name is Giovanni Pennelli and im from italy.
im working on blender from less than a year and this is my first contest.
i think this is my first noteworthy work and i hope you like it, i called it “Eve in good company”
here is the pic:

Small problem. My picture is not allowed here. It’s not explicit or anything like that, but it does contain religious content.
I can upload it to my website and send you the link via private message?

Hey Andrew, with all due respect to the both of you, I understand where konfusekitty is coming from, however I strongly disagree with him. I’ve been following your tutorials for years and am a better 3D artist because of them. I trust and value your opinion as both a teacher and a critic. Furthermore, this is your competition, that means you get to make the rules and be the judge if you desire (especially since you give the prizes out of your own pocket). Even though I haven’t entered in any of your previous competitions, I’d planned on entering this one. Even if my work does not make your top 3 or 4 (which I don’t suspect it will because there are many talented artists that have submitted works in the past) I would still value and appreciate any constructive criticism you’d have for me. Keep up the great work and happy Thanksgiving from here in the States.

I’ve enjoyed seeing the works of all previous competitions… but “Xmas Theme”? maaan, I’m dreading what’s to come! :stuck_out_tongue: lol

I don’t hope to win but I made this for fun :
You’ve all recognized Suzanne the monkey !

here is my entry :3
having lots of fun doing somthing like this… also learned 1 or 2 tricks thats what of more value to me.

Oh, wow, nice prizes, I was wondering though, if I were to enter something, could I still sell the models I used in the entry on another website? Is it okay if I enter more than one entry?
Neat contest, the prizes are awesome! I hope to enter.
I also strongly disagree with konfusekitty as well, you very well have the right and capability to judge the contest, it would be an honor to have my entry judged by you.

To Konfusekitty… dude, with all due respect if you don’t think Andrew Price is worthy of critiquing your work, get over yourself or find a new contest. I would love to have Andrew judge/critique my art

Hi Andrew! Here is my entry, the uploader confused me :stuck_out_tongue: So I hope you don’t mind if I uploaded the files to media fire, this includes the .blend file and 2 rendered pictures that have been edited on photoshop. Hope you like them! :smiley: (oh, and sorry for some lame textures, I can’t get a hold on the Cycles texture thingo :L)

Great! I might as well participate on this one.
Tomorrow, i´ll start an WIP thread for my entry.

Nice Prizes! Gonna participate aswell :wink:

What is wrong with religious content? The competition is about CHRISTmas, it is centered around religion. If people can post nude characters (at least I think they can- I don’t look at the threads that say “Warning: Nudity”) then why can’t you post something religious?

My sentiments exactly.
But as far as I know (I am a newbie here, don’t take my word), there’s no rules against religious content.

I can’t wait to get started! Does anyone have a good tutorial on making a Christmas tree?

i’m about to make some tutorials today, i’ll post them later in my WIP thread.