Blender Guru Competition Entry - Gaming

Here’s my entry for recent BlenderGuru competition themed around Gaming. My game of choice was Planetside 2, which im unhealthily addicted to at the moment :S

Modeled in Blender 2.66, rendered with Cycles at 1000 passes. Feedback welcome, (though the comp date is up, so can’t actually change it. But, I’d still be interested to hear any.)

HiRes Link

Great work! Love the woods in the scene.

Thankyou. The main tree in the foreground went through a insane amount of textures, displacements, general fidderling, until I was happy … I honestly never want to look at another tree again :smiley:

When I first saw it, I tough it was Mass Effect; well done, I suggest increasing the amount of passes, I see it noisy, the texture used in the uniform looks weird in the flexed zones (ex: the elbow zone), also you should add model detail where the pants ends and the boots begin.

Thankyou for the feedback, I’ll take it all on-board for my next piece.

Very Nice! Also very in love with Planetside! I’m modeling the Mosquito. Glad to see another fan. Make the TR proud!

I’m currently working on a VS scene, may do a full on trilogy if I don’t find I get drawn to other projects.