Blender Guru Competition: Movie Moments

(andrewprice) #1

Hey guys!

This new competition is all about recreating a character or scene from a favourite movie.

View the full guidelines and prizes:
Blender Guru Competition: Movie Moments

The deadline is 24th September 2012 at 11:59pm GMT (5 weeks from this announcement).

All entries must be submitted here in this thread. If you need hosting I recommend

May the best artist win :slight_smile:

(Richard Marklew) #2

Based on previous competitions, if you want to post in this thread please take note.

  • If you want to link to an external image, use the url of the image itself, not the url of the page the image happens to be on. This is the responsibility of the user posting the link, not for the moderators to fix, especially given how often this happened in the previous competitions.

  • If you have a post count less than 10 your post will require approval by a moderator before it will show up. Please do not post multiple times if you get a warning message and you don’t see your post. Please be patient, your post will be approved. Duplicate posts take more time to sort out and may end up at the bottom of the moderator queue !

  • Be aware of the competition end date and time. Please do not leave it to the last minute, if you are in the group that need moderator approval, note there is not 24hr moderator cover, we also need to work, sleep and have a family life. You may risk missing the deadline.


(Jonathan L) #3

Sadly I don’t have the time to participate in this one, but I am for sure looking forward to the outcome! I think the quality of these competition entries keeps getting better every time. Good luck, and for the love of God please work on your entry for more than a week.

(ctdabomb) #4

I call doing BBB :stuck_out_tongue:

(JamFX) #5

i think i’m going to enter this one, i have just the scene, in mind, just have to find some decent references :smiley:

(M3Gamer) #6

Since iam so whack at blender, i hope someone makes a transformer and wins.

(Whitefire25) #7

It’s the first image there. This is my official entry, is it too soon to submit?

(AnthonyB) #8

As Bane said: “Let the games begin!”

Good luck and have fun, everyone!

(Damien!) #9

Good luck everybody. I’m waiting to see the result…

(Peter18) #10

^ dude calm down…they are topics people want to enter. Art is too generic for a competition…if i threw up on a piece of cardboard, thats art if i say it is lol…all the entry’s for these competitions are pieced of art and so us most of the stuff on this site…hence blenderARTists forum

(JamFX) #11

nice rendition of labarynth. but the rules state it has to be a completly new work, i dont believe it took you only a day to get this up and finished!

(Whitefire25) #12

It did! I totally only took a night to finish it. I had to buckle down but it was really fast work! I mean I only had two pictures a glass orb and a hand, it wasn’t all that hard.

(Fhalo) #13


I’ll have a go. Got some ideas. Also, give me a reason to try out luxrender, or povray, or cycle etc.

(Peter18) #14

you have a month tho…why not test yourself a little more rather than saying oh it took one night, it wasn’t all that hard.

(MillionthVector) #15

Do short films count? You did just say movies, I haven’t read “full-length” movies anywhere, XD.
Anyways thank you so much for making another contest! (And so soon too!)

(AnthonyB) #16

On the Contest Page, he did in fact say that it “just has to be based off a real feature film.” I would assume this means a full-length feature, not a short film.

So probably no Sintel or BBB. :\

(MillionthVector) #17

Aww, actually I was hoping to make something based off of Elephants Dream, I want to make something open to stay legal, but even if I can’t do a short film I do have another idea though :D.

(Whitefire25) #18

Yeah I guess I should have, I was just so excited, I wanted to do exactly that and I wanted it to be good but I guess I kind of went a little fast. is there a way to cancel my entry in any way?

(Whitefire25) #19

Honestly I read it wrong, I thought I only had two days. I must’ve been thinking of another contest I read about.

(Peter18) #20

no need to cancel it…just think of it as a reservation lol…when you have finished your scene, upload it to the post you had before :slight_smile: