Blender Guru Competition: Open Movies

This competition is about remixing the open blender movies and creating something new from them.

Take any asset (model, clip etc.) from the production files of an open blender movie and create a still or animation with it. You may use as many or as little amount of elements as you like.

Click here to view the full guidelines:

The deadline for this competition is the 29th of November 2012, 11:59pm GMT.

To enter
Stills: Attach the image to your post, or link to it on imgur and paste it in a reply post.
Animations: Host it on either Youtube or Vimeo and paste the link in a reply post.

You may edit your initial reply as many times as you like. Entries will be gathered after the competition closes.

Great, looking forward to seeing what I can come up with!

Cool, was thinking of participating but i am a noob with lots of ideas but not prior to sufficient knowledge to make realistic things so. Next time.

I’m afraid my job and school are occupying me this round. so I’ll have to pass on this one ! but I’m gonna follow the entries with as much interest as always so good luck to everyone!

Is this the post where we have to submit the competition entry?
Andrew Price you should post this link on as I think that a lot of people have problem finding this page.
I had a lot of tough time to find it.
Please update your page.

Yep. Sorry I was waiting for the thread to be approved. I’ve added the link now.

Hi this is my entry for the Blender Guru Competition: Open Movies.
Its around 600k vertices.

I am just 13 years old.
Please comment and critique my work.

Full Resolution Version

Thank You

Hi everyone this is my second time entering im only 14 started blender 6 months ago please give me some feedback

You do know you have another month available before you need to add your entry so no need to rush to get something posted. If you want critique/comments there are the other forums specifically for this, rather than clog up this thread.

AMAZING :smiley: You did a brilliant job with this!

You should improve the lighting condition. It will bring a drastic dramatic change to the scene. Probably just a backlight will get it a mysterious effect. Also you have to upload a image that is 1280x720 pixels or more.

Take more time on your piece…think of how you can improve it

Actually I wont be having a computer that is enough to render the file if you know what I mean. The computer I used is not mine and i have to give it back to someone. So I really had to hurry up on this one and did it as fast and best as I could.

Edit in with the newest version…I used this bow and quiver:

And this Dragon:

Bother were found in this list:
I hope its ok to use them…

If I were you, i would change material of leafs (add shader: (mix shader: diffuse & glossy) & translucent) and I would use displace modifier for these rocks.
(Sorry for my English.)

Im still working on it and I have fixed a couple issues. I have updated the image.
Thank you.

Looking good!! Love it so far.

The armgun from the movie Tears of Steel. I love this gun because it is so cool. I just turned 14 and have been using blender for about a year and a half. Feedback? Also I made this from scratch.

helloooooooooooooo… any one there ???

man … its seems like animation idea is going to fall off … only 20 days left and not a single entry … still my fingers are crossed

guyssss BBB’s assets are free … if u don have tears of steel or sintel … you can do things with BBB …

Don’t worry draguu, I’m making a BBB scene, it hasn’t been forgotten. Of course, if you enter you’ll smash it…but I’m making it anyway…=D