Blender Guru Competition: Underwater!

Heeeeeey team,

It’s time for another Blender Guru competition. Yay! :cool:

The theme for this month is: Underwater.
>>Click here for the full details<<

Submit your entry in this thread by attaching it to your post.

You have until the 3rd of October 11:59PM GMT. Get cracking! :eyebrowlift2:

Here is my idea/concept.
a diver in a shipwreck, in a room with a lot of gold.
thats the idea


Is a movie too ok?

so many competitions so little time

Hey Andrew,

I hope I can reach you here. It appears your website is under attack by someone because everytime I enter, I get a message by google safebrowsing that your website is under attack by Malware. When I do proceed, my antivirus software gives me a message that something malicious has been found and deleted.

You probably have received dozens of messages already but I just thought I’d let you know!

And I hope that I can enter this month’s contest If I have some time!

Here’s my entry Andrew


Here is a good tutorial on lighting underwater. It is for mental ray but a lot of the stuff in there is useful anyway

My entry:

I’m not satisfied with it, but I probably never will be. And if I don’t submit it now I’ll end up tweaking it beyond repair.

Edit: Since it seems attached images can only be so large HERE is a link to a full-sized version.

Edit: Forgot to mention- Blender Internal. Gimp only used to add the logo in the bottom right.

The blender guru site is being blocked by google. It says that badware could infect our computer. Try to fix that.

lol Now any post that contains any links to display the same warning message…wierd…Hope that you are able to get this under control andrew for the sake of all of us dedicated followers! and for the sake of your income and anything else that this may affect…

The situation has been resolved! was recently compromised by a hacker, but it has now been resolved.

Feel free to check out the latest tutorial worry free :slight_smile:

With that out of the way… carry on with the competition! I’m hoping to see some cool entries :smiley:

My entry:

Please ignore the thumbnail below, I was stupid enough to accidentally attach the wrong one :frowning: :L


My Entry
Completely Blender. Internal Render. No External software used at all except creating UV Map with Gimp
Watch the animation here in HD please.
If I win 1st price, I will post the blend file in blendswap with 500 Frame animation in it.

Watch in vimeo

Watch in Youtube Please in HD


I vote for you, so far

Hi guys!

This is my entry. Hope you like it!

Here is my entry! :smiley:

Okay here is something I thew together here is a version without jpg compression
Used the new fun stuff in 2.59, sapling for the weed and grease scatter for the out of focus stuff


Here’s my entry :yes:

Hi Res:

The treasure chest in lost Ocean Atlantic