Blender Guru Competition: Video Games - Link and The Master Sword

Hello everyone. I’m kinda new into Blender though I like to follow blendernation and blender guru sites. This time the videogame competition has motivated me to try to do some artwork. You can expect many mistakes in my project, but I’d like to hear critiques, and points to where shoul I get better. I’ll keep posting the WIP here.

I decided to make the moment when you ge the Master Sword in Legend of Zelda: A link to The Past (SNES).
As far as I’ve been, I’ve made the concept in b&w (I suck at 2d art) and the beginning of work.

What I have planned (not in the order):

  • grass
  • better ground
  • flowers
  • altar
  • sword
  • better lighting
  • raylights
  • Link modelling
  • better textures
  • post processing
  • animals, maybe

There you go!


First WIP:

Second WIP

Better trees, modelled the altar, gotta make a better bg. Texturing for the end.

looking good so far in my opinion , keep going!

Looking seriously awesome! I’m a huge Zelda fan, and finding the Master Sword is always an epic moment, so it’s a good scene choice :yes: Looking forward to seeing where this will go!

This is looking Great :smiley: