Blender Guru Competition: "What Really Happened?"

(andrewprice) #1

What really happened to Flight M370? What causes ships to sink in the Bermuda Triangle?
Pick an event in history and recreate it the way you think it really happened. It can be funny, serious or 100% tinfoil conspiracy fodder. The winner will be chosen for their creativity and artistic talent.

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Submit your Entry by posting your image in this thread once. Do not post multiple times. Open a WIP thread if you’d like feedback.

May the best artist win :slight_smile:

(islara1) #2

good waiting to see what people will make!!

(kutekumar) #3

Alien Abduction to MH 370. I created this project two weeks ago and hope this imply for the theme for the competition. I used blender for texturing and modeling and for post-processing i used photoshop to create light streak and color correction. As I am newbie to blender, my render may not be good. But I would be appreciated of your comment and critics.

(Richard Marklew) #4

You should read the contest guidelines

  • Your image must be a new creation, not an existing project

(harleynut97) #5

I have no intention of entering this contest, but I wonder if out of respect for the families of the MH 370 and the S. Korea Ferry boat victims, if these two mysteries shouldn’t be excluded from the contest. Just doesn’t seem right to me make any kind of fun of this situation or weird art regarding these tragedies. This is just my opinion.

(smirken) #6

I agree

(Journeyman) #7

No argument from me…

Jim Morren

(MrProg99) #8

It’s a Post-Apocalyptic world in year 3333. Everything has been done in Blender.It was lot of work for me :slight_smile: I hope you like it :slight_smile: And sorry my English is not good :slight_smile:

(MattBeker) #9

cool render dude, but you had 6 weeks to add features and improve it.

(Peter18) #10

also I think you have maybe misunderstood the topic? I think Andrew wants events that have already happened, and then you showing your view of what really happened. So for example, the moon landing, and showing a film studio with lighting and cameras etc…suggesting it was fake and never happened. Stuff like that…but who knows, the apocalypse may have happened, and we could be in the Matrix…

Follow the white rabbit…

(andrewprice) #11

Yeah I’ll remove the MH 370 from the ‘suggested’ list.

I won’t ban it, but I will advise artists to be respectful and consider the negative impact it could have on viewers and therefore less likely to win.

(Midnightcpu) #12

I was woundering if we could use myth or legends of the bermuda triangle or stuff that have been claimed to have been caused by it on land
and if we could incorperate the dragons triangle into it

(MrProg99) #13

Hey people can i remove my work here becouse its not so good and the description isn’t good ? I wont to do this work better and then post it here again :slight_smile: Sorry my English is not good :slight_smile:

(Peter18) #14

You can edit your post later on with the updated image. Or you can just edit the post and replace it with a message explaining that you have deleted it.

(MrProg99) #15

Thanks i have to do it :slight_smile: But first i have to render it new.

(AserialKkiller) #16

Is there a limit of images per artist?

(Journeyman) #17

I think so… 1 entry per person would be fair, and in the past Andrew has always said one entry per person.
(which means only 1 image!)

(Richard Marklew) #18

It clearly tells you in the competition guidelines linked to in the first post.

(KuroOokami) #19

The MH 370 was more than likely a fire in the electronics by the way.

But agree recent tragedies shouldn’t be included if for the simple fact that the aspect is too “raw”.

(LuisVoronov) #20

Well a little soon but here is: The first electric chair with Green Technology. Blender cycles 3k samples + post processing in Photoshop.

I hope you understand the idea, good luck everyone.