Blender Guru contest entry

I took Sintel and put her into the Halo universe near an ancient Forerunner ruin.


Haha! Nice! I’m looking forward to Halo 4!
The grass looks like it could use a little bit of work. Have you played with the Translucency value? And are you using particles to generate them?
Since you’re trying to make something look pretty cinematic, I’d change from HD resolution to Anamorphic(1920x817). It just gives it that extra pop.
A personal preference I think would look nice is to take your sun lamp, angle it a bit more, then make the color have a more red orange color for a sun set. Make the shadows softer, 1.1 or 1.2.
Then take another sun lamp, angle it in the opposite direction and make the color a sky blue and turn the brightness value down to 0.5 or 0.4. This will add some blue color to the shadows under the trees and structure. Which is more realistic because the sky casts blue lighting on everything. Make sure you have no shadows for that sun lamp.
Just a few crits. Overall I’m liking it so far. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the suggestions and I have applied most of them.

Wow! Very nice improvements!! My only big suggestion would be to try and bring some more contrast with the shadows into it. Like if you used my Blue sun lamp sky lighting technique, I would try dimming that a little bit. Or check some of the settings on the main sun lamp. Like the soft size could be up to high.
Maybe just turn down the bump mapping on the forerunner structure, and gray it up a bit more so it stands out from the mountains a bit.
Overall I’m really enjoying the improvements made here!
I’m also loving the atmospheric falloff!
Keep us updated!


Perhaps I’m the only one who seeing the image like this, but right now it looks like Sintel stopped to pick her nose. Maybe move the left hand up a little more so it looks like she’s going to push her hair back? Left hand on hip? Both hands on walking stick? Maybe you don’t agree with me? :slight_smile:


lol, yeah Maybe ill fix that…
A couple more tweaks.

Nice! I think now all you need to do is give Sintel an Assault rifle and send her on her merry way! It really is coming along nicely. The Forerunner Structure stands out from the background much better.

Here is something you might try with the compositor. I just added a slight blur to another copy and overlayed it with the original to give it that bright sun look.


Alright, I’m done with this. I want to move on, thanks for your help. Its not perfect, but I did learn a few new tricks which is always my goal.

Yep! Every project comes to an end! Very nice work! Looking forward to seeing more of your work. I love Halo, so this artwork I really enjoy!