Blender Guru donut tutorial general question easy probably

Hello. Sorry for the very basic question… but…
I am using Blender 2.9 and doing some of these lessons… man… he thinks people can get through these in a few hours… I did these lessons in 2.8 once and didn’t have these issues…

One problem I run into is that any time I have to move anything.

Like… if I move vertices or faces by hitting G, then Z to simply move them up or down, it looks like it works from the side angle, but it sticks them all to one side on like the X axis or y… or to the hovering orange dot. Is there some option selected I don’t know about?

Also if I move objects close to each other,… like the cup close to the plane, or plate, or reference picture, it gets warped unless I move it slightly away from these… is this normal?

I have officially made the cup and saucer 3 times and while this helped me learn other common issues such as selecting the inside of the cup and making the handle, it has not helped explain what is going on with the movement or whatever is going on.

I am sure this is an easy question for someone. Thanks for your time!

Sounds like snapping and or proportional editing. See at the top by the word “Global”, you may have to turn these off.


It also depends on whether you are editing in local or global co-ordinates, and whether or not rotation has been applied (see Boder’s pic for Global co-ords - which is a drop down).

You can also try G - start moving, and then Z to snap to the axis.

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I am pretty sure it is the snapping. I don’t recall ever turning it on… but it was on. Thanks!

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I think everyone has had this happen at least once. It is a very common thing when you don’t really know about those tools and what they do… and they get stuck on for whatever reason. You could have hit a hotkey without knowing it (shift tab), like you wanted to switch from object mode to edit mode (tab) and somehow you had the shift key pressed.

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Actually I am completely doing the whole lessons over once again due to the object not rendering correctly… I just ordered some new memory sticks to possibly help with speeds… and Andrew Price does say to turn on snapping to faces during lesson 1 part 3 with the icing… I have’t heard him say to shut it off and it is off in the following lessons.

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