Blender Guru Sci-Fi Competetion

Hello everyone :smiley:
As the title says, I decided to enter Blender Guru’s Sci-Fi competition!
So after rummaging through the many ideas that “Sci-Fi” entails, I finally decided what to do. I don’t want to bore you with the details of the image (yet :D). In short, the main focus is going to be three little robots who are digging through piles of outdated technology. The scene is going to have a ton of wires and broken electronics, it going to be fun! I’m excited to start working!
I (very) quickly sketched the robot’s design, just to get it on paper.

The middle thing is the body, and the odd sphere in the corner is the eye. The face is on another page.
I modeled the robot after sketching.

Tell me what you think!
I also have a couple of questions:
First off, I want him to have the blue stripes on his body, but after trying various ways I can’t seem to get it. Any suggestions? I tired unwrapping, but even then it just doesn’t turn out right. Is there a way to achieve this look by using just materials in Cycles, or is unwrapping called for.

Secondly, in the sketch, where is head meets his body, I want a blue light emitting from within his “collar”. What would be the best way that I can achieve this?

Lastly, does his tire look good? Modeling wise, not material. To me it seems like it is missing something, it is too plain. What could I add to it to improve the look of it?

Sorry for all the questions :smiley: Thanks in advance!
And don’t forget to just tell me what you think of him! I can’t wait to start working on piles of electronics!

First any serious piece of art needs the main characters to be properly textured. This means it needs to be unwrapped.
I believe you want the robot to look like the sketch when viewing it from the front so…
Move your view in front of the model and unwrap it using the “Project From View”.

Second, if you’re using cycles, use an emitter node in the material node tree.
Lastly, no, the tire does not look good. You have over a month to put in detail, take your time.

Overall, I think the character is very cartoony.
You might have topology issues on the head where the part extrudes out.

Thanks for the reply! I had tried to unwrap it before, obviously not good, I’ll keep playing with it until I get it :smiley:
I had also tested using an emitting plane, I should be able to tweak it.
I was aiming at a cartoon styled scene, and the topology is actually pretty clean.
And I agree that I’m taking it a tad bit fast, because of this I overlooked the tire design. I have reference photos of robots and machinery, but I skipped over the tire! I’ll post updates as they come :smiley: Thanks again!