Blender Guru Sci-fi competition entry WIP

hello everyone! :slight_smile: My latest work for the next BG competition. It’s going along pretty well i guess. Still need to do a couple things though.

Still to do

- Texture ufo and aliens

  • add some grass to the ground
  • model the cow that is being abducted in the background
  • finish the farm house in the background ( i.e the pouch, windows, door)

Anything else that I’m missing? Feel free to tell me your thoughts :slight_smile:


cool scene. imo the way the ray gun ship and the building behind it converge is confusing to the eye.

Nice render and nice idea, with some work I think it will look great!. Now for some focused critique, The lighting doesnt seem to fit the scene. You should light it using a backlight to make the aliens look sinister here’s a lighting video from blender guru! I also think that the render needs to tell more of a story, why are the aliens there? what is there purpose? hope that helped!

@Modron thanks for the comment. I see what your saying. Perhaps I should mess around with the composition a little bit more

@CammB96 I like the idea for your lighting set up but I’m not going for a sinister look for the aliens :wink: I was going for more of a funny cartoon feel. As far as the story telling goes, Once I’m done with the image it should be pretty clear what it is (hopefully) :slight_smile:

update! :slight_smile: Testing out the grass for the scene. Also, I’ve improved the textures for the beef on the plate. Still have to work on the textures for the actual plate but, one step at a time :wink:

Let me know what you think :slight_smile:

Edit: more progress

Got a little bit further before i called it a day today :slight_smile:



(still have to add the cow being abducted by the ufo)