Blender Guru SCIFI WIP - The last humans

Finally I´ve decided to participate in a challenge for the very first time. Feedback is welcome and needed.
First, let´s start with a rough sketch that I made of the robots that will be included in the scene.

And this is the first render…

There some things that I just don´t like. Soon I´ll post another update. Please feel free to give your opinion. Thanks for reading


Looks really good so far!

You are doing really good! You should just pay some attention to the feet in your sketch, they look a little small compared to the body.

Yeah!! Proportions that´s my biggest weakness.
Another shot, with some little variation in order to try to find better proportions

Thanks all for the feedback. This is my first attemp with the feet.

Feet look good. Keep going!

Thanks for your feedback. This is my last progress

Next I´ll start modelling the head. I will upload some sketches that I´ve made. Don´t know if I will be able to present the image before the deadline.


Another rough sketch of the head. Very little to do with the final result…

First attemp with the head.

Another small update


Only arms left!!! Then rigging and after the scene

Half rigged!!

Not totally satisfied with the model, after some dificulties I´ve finished rigging. I´ll start creating the scene. First approach

It seems to me that you are making a great effort here. I have not yet even tried rigging a human figure.(as a result I can give no advice:(). But I do regard it as the holy grail at the moment. If that is a first effort then it is better than what I started with.

If it any encouragement, that was only about 18 months ago (But I have had a few sleepless nights).

I like the design. Maybe it´s original approach, a mixture of airplane and space shuttle. Can you post a closer render of the spaceship?

It evolved, When I started animating, it was to provide background for a music video, as I couldn’t afford a production company I thought that as blender was free, I might as well try my hand. Unfortunately I got sucked in, and in the end the video became more important than the music. and I’ve been working on it ever since. As a result when this competition came along I thought I must have a go, as the only area that I had any expertise in was sci-fi. I intend to put the movie up on the forum when it is finished. But not until after the competition is over.

anyway here are a couple of images.

this is the oldest I could find. I had been working on the video about a month at that time, and it is pretty primitive.

This is from about a year later, as you can see I had learned a think or two.

I have to say most of it was learned by reading these forums, or watching tutorials on you tube.

Minor update…

Another minor update. I´ve tried with images textures for the lights instead of color, but I´m not totally satisfied with the result

Let´s bring the fire

This is my last update