Blender Guru Video game competition entry WIP

This is my entry for the blender guru video game competition. I feel modeling is 98% done. Not sure what else to add.

Comments? :slight_smile:

                                                               <img src="/uploads/default/original/3X/c/2/c280e42985b0e20bd38e8cabf7eb23bbb1898dc3.png" width="690" height="388"><br/>

Pretty fast and still beautiful modelling, I just wonder where is Grandma and Holy Hand Grenade! So amazing weapons should NEVER be forgotten!

Amazing work Printastic :smiley:

Looknig Good :smiley: What is this game btw???

Its Worms :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks Wwza7! And yes, I completely agree! I will find a spot for them :slight_smile: Oh, and don’t forget about the banana bomb :wink:

This game was epic…still is:P mindless fun…gotta love it. Glade someone is doing this game…I had thoughts of doing it my self:) Your doing it justice, I will watch this WIP for sure:) Good luck!

Alright. here’s an update with the holy hand grenade and a couple of banana bombs (for additional fire support :wink: ) Now I think it’s time to start the texturing :slight_smile:

aleluya jaja… nice

Really good :smiley: I love worms!

Beautifull! Now those are true Worms! I also imagined sky full of bazooka missiles, its just an idea, but yea, i also think its good time for texturing :wink:

Really looks cool. With the expanded arsenal it is truly has a Worms feel! :smiley:

As much as you guys loved the modeling, I’m not that confident in my texturing abilities :(. However, This is the first attempt of the scenery texture. After I get a couple of the comments from you guys, I’ll focus on the worm commander :wink: Please give me feedback! :slight_smile:

texturing depends on how you want to do it…do you want to stick with traditional worms materials, the way you have it now…or do you want more realistic textures, scratches, dirt etc…looks good to me :slight_smile:

Some suggestions:

  1. Your scene worked really well in B&W because there was contrast. The black sky worked. You seem to have lost some of that contrast in the image. Now depending on what you want you could get some of that back in Post.

  2. Make sure that you have a theme for how you want your image to look. Are you going for realism, toon, Replication of the video game? This will help with the overall idea.

  3. This leads me to your sky. right now the sky is not working and is making your image look really flat. Given the angle of your image, you will want a gradient type background, and might want to include some basic shapes for the very distant background. this will add some more depth to the image.

  4. I am guessing by the modeling that you will most likely choose a toon-ish theme. If that is the case, you will want to add some colour variety. right now the entire scene is dominated by green and grey. Not great colour range. would suggest that you include more reds, yellows, and blues into the modeled objects. And greys… nothing is really grey, try adding a hit of colour or texture to the grey areas. A rock texture, or a metal texture to the weapon… BG has a really great recent tutorial on adding texture to objects.

  5. imo, not feeling the green chain gun.

  6. add a graphic to the flag. seems boring right now.

Now that is all said just looking at the image right now that has alot missing. It will look completely different when you have included your main character. Hope that helps.

@Jfaurbo - I completely agree with what your saying. I really don’t like the way I have it now. As soon as I put about an hour into the texturing I felt the same way about the scene being flat, but I wanted to see what other people thought.

I was possibly thinking of going with and old time-e sepia filter on in like you see in the old war movies, but I’m not sure about it.
What color would have the chain gun in?

BTW, thanks for advice and criticism, appreciate it :slight_smile:

i think that adding an overall stylized effect, whatever it is would actually do alot for you. It says this is my own art, and i’m not just copying the video game.

i would make it complimentary from the main charater, as it is side by side. it would pop more. If not directly complimentary then one color either way from complimentary.

Not to get off topic, but print, I just realized that your avatar looks just like one of the guys on Mythbusters.

That’s cause I did a caricature of both Adam and Jamie.

check my portfolio link to see the full image :wink:

Now that brings back some memories! Good luck with textures man!

Alright, I’ve done a complete over haul with the textures. I actually deleted the whole file that had the original textures from the last image. I’m tying out the sepia technique that i discussed in an earlier post.

This is the image with the new textures with no filter

And this is the same image with the sepia-“ish” filter

I think I’m on a better track with this style than with the previous texture attempt.
comments? :slight_smile: