Blender Guru Video game competition entry WIP

The texturing looks good if that’s the feel you’re going for. I’m not familiar with the game, so I can’t really tell what it “should” look like. The modeling is phenomenal.

Thanks flyingfences! modeling is definitely my stronger suit. I’m trying to expand my abilities in texturing and composting as those are the areas where I’m lacking currently.

Another update. I thought of maybe getting rid of the background.

hahahahahahaha this is freaking awesome pliss make a full movie with dialogs from pulp fiction recreat the scene with famous dialog do you speak english!? do a afro american worms

Alright, So I’ve decided to go a completely new direction with this project. I felt the scene was lacking some depth but I couldn’t figure out what. So I came up with this idea to make a puzzle out of the image.

I like the feel of the image this way. Let me know what you think :slight_smile:

Edit: Just thought of something, Is this scene too simple to submit? I know I created the actual models and everything on the puzzle, but I feel like all I did was UV unwrap a couple of puzzle pieces now :frowning:

It’s to lighten, the colors get lost on the last render. Go and do some post production.
And I think I liked the fake “taken from the game” scene better. With the background and so on.
I think It has more potential, but could use some work on the textures, since they look flat and kinda boring to me. Some gradients could do.

Good models btw!

Another update. Think I’m on to something (hopefully :wink: )

Thats a nice idea, and it works quite well :smiley: But aren’t holy hand grenades just gold throughout? Although i mist admit, the light emission effect is really nice!

As far as I remember they were, but in the newer worms games that were 3-D, they looked like the one in the image.
And yeah I’m happy with that part of the image thanks! :slight_smile:

Well, after looking at some of the most recent submissions for the competition, I have declared myself out match (and out-blender’d) Anyways, it was fun making this :slight_smile:

Just a few more things then I’m gonna call it complete I think.

your images are all good. But i have to say that they are not great. Your image doesn’t tell a story. It is a nice still, but i don’t know what it is you are trying to communicate. See if you can tie the items taht you have into a cohesive story. Once you have that idea stick with it.

Thanks jfaurbo, I appreciate your honesty and yes I agree. My downfall in this project was not thinking of a set composition form the beginning. I also have a problem with achieving that wow factor but will continue to work hard in the future to achieve that in future projects :slight_smile: