Blender Guru Video Games Competition WIP

My first time showing my work and first time entering the blender guru competition.
Would appreciate any feedback.

haha thats great, looks really good!

can I eat him? :smiley:


Unfortunately due to prior commitments my entry is ahving to go on hold, not sure it will be done in time, :frowning: , but there is always next time.

Anyways you must finish it :smiley:

Aaaaahhhhhh! Rabbiiidddddssss!

I made some time to do some more work on my entry.
It might not look like I have done much but its a new model, much better topology.
Next step is to rig, not something I have done before, but thats what these competitions are for, to lean.

Again, any comments welcome.

Rigging didn’t go so well, as the model is low poly I couldn’t get the rig right so have opted for some remodeling into the desired pose.
A few lines don’t flow quite right, but getting there.

Just got to work out what he is running away from?

As always, any comments are welcome.

Moved on a little more, still not happy with some of the lines.

Still not decided what he is running away from, any ideas?

Now we are getting there…

Please let me know if its looking ok.

Almost there…

Would really appreciate comments

This is it…

Nice, well done

Well its killed my laptop, but worth it.
No more renders from me for a while, this old DELL I have as a stand in is not up to the job.
Keep rendering peeps.