Blender Guru's helpful tutorials. This lead me to become a blender artist throughout my past year


Hi @Happysouls,

Fret not as I believe this site is for sharing, expression and learning for both beginners and experts. We’re all striving to get featured but this can take awhile to get there. I’ve seen fantastic renders and others that can improve. Imho, this site is where one can come to show your enthusiasm for Blender (regardless of level) and maybe get some constructive criticism so one can improve their skills. So make that donut as much as you like, I for one would like to see it. Frankly, your donut is making me hungry and want to run out to Tim Horton’s! Keep on Blending!

@anon87101227, there is some cool stuff on r/Blender which I didn’t know about so thanks for that. Always, good to see all manner of projects.

Cheers everyone and stay safe!

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You seem to be missing a chair and a sofa :stuck_out_tongue:

But in all seriousness, nice work! :slight_smile:

Lol I didn’t imagine so much feedback from this post, it really was the first render I made from blender about a year back and today I’ve seen positive and negative feedback, which is what I love to hear.

You keep right on going regardless of what haters say. Perhaps next time work a bit more on your lighting, and roughness on some of the surfaces which seem a bit too reflective.


Thanks a lot, lighting is a learning curve which has taken me very long to even slightly improve on, but one day at a time :smiley:

Nice! I too am completing one year in Blender in about 3 days. I saw some of your works in your portfolio and found some posted on Jan 19. Have you been using Blender for more than a year but saw the Blender Guru tutorials an year ago?

Some of the older posts was before I actually took Blender more seriously (my on and off times from Blender might have been longer than a year initially), but to be honest besides the amazing tutorials from ‘Guru’, my brother who’s developing his own game told me to make assets for him and back then I was very unsure about the whole Blender thing but look how far I’ve come. It really has turned into a life hobby rather than just a means to show off.

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Awesome! Thought the Blender Guru tutorials have become memes and stuff, they still are some of the highest quality tutorials out there. They do a great job at introducing new comers to Blender (and 3D itself) without any background.

Hey, i went ahead and wiped those comments, and replies related to it.

Im so sorry for a rough introduction, critisism is welcome, hate is not. Good job flagging it folks! We’re taking care of him.

And welcome to Blender! Good start, you’re on the right track :slight_smile: