Blender Habits

So what does everyone do while they blend, any weird habits?

I usualy sit like im crouching on the chair(it looks weird but i find it much more comfortable XD) and I listen to screamo, heh, i must have my music

I run my music and I usually having BA open so I can read while I blend. I sit with my feet on my chair or on top of the power supply under my desk. While I blend, I also usually forget “one hand on mouse, one hand on keyboard” and will start chewing on my fingers.

Great thread, mack

Rolling cigarettes and browsing forum while waiting for my poor machine to render glass into crystal. (Read “spin thread to gold”.)

laptop on lap (at home) with one eye on the telly…

surrounded by rubbish, monitors, peripherals, old job receipts and piles of books, squinting into my massive monitor (at work)…desperately trying to correct my dreadful posture.

Rest my chin on the desk

I like listening to the radio - whatever station that has the least static.

I take out my flaming sword and smite those who do evil. As archangel, it is a tough job, but it has to be done. :spin:

That’s a lot of smiting.
Doesn’t your arm get tired?

Ill sit with my LEFT leg over my right leg…flat…kinda like Indian style…but its not criscrossed…its flat on each leg…Then Ill Flip on some I Killed The Prom Queen and what ever else is in my play list…Ill have BA open ill rest my head on my hand…yes i know VERY INTERESTING!!!

My worst habit is a general 3D Artist habit.
When i see a screenshot of a wireframe or a 3d model i click into it and press shift+MMB (my preset) and try to rotate it…

I am weired.

HAHA ME TOO AREXMA!..Or when i watch a vid tut on youtube or download one i do the same thing.

Me too! I look at screenshot and try to rotate them. And my renders, too!

I try to move my renders out of the way with Shift+MMB

I try to select everything with the CAPS button.

takes me a while to notice im not pressing a, and also, while I render, I usually spin around in my rotatable chair.

when my feet are cold, I’ll sit crosslegged.

and sometimes while Im rendering, I’ll open another blender and start playing around

i switch between blender and irc quite a bit while i blend.
i guess i dont finish things faster that way…

I always hold the MMB and spin my blend around for a good two minutes when it looks pretty.
I also like spinning through the grid on the floor ><

ATM i design dozends of space vessles for my company. Everytime one is close to be finished i turn on fly mode and fly attacks on the bigger ships making my own sound effects. I am really starting to get weired.
I should videotape me and sell the DVDs…

Is blendering in teh nekkid considered weird?


That sounds interesting.

Depends on who is watching :evilgrin: