Blender Hair Tutorial with .blends

Hi everyone, I was asked to do a tutorial on Hair,

So here it is, its 1hr long, a lot of information. I hope it will be useful to a few :slight_smile: To watch it in HD mode, simply go to vimeo with the link in the video when clicking on HD

The .blends can be downloaded on blendswap :wink:

Happy Blending :slight_smile:

Wow, man, you are awesome, thanks for this great tutorial, i have been looking for one like this a long time ago :slight_smile:

andrefe91: thank you :slight_smile: I will probably do a follow up tutorial about hair dynamics for animations as well as pony tails, dreads, etc…
Hopefully those will also be helpful :wink:

Happy Blending :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for this tutorial, i learned lots of tricks i had no idea existed.
It now all makes so much more sense to me and my “2 left hands” when it comes to combing :smiley:

I tried to apply some on one of my old head models, the result is far from perfect, but in comparison to the horror from beyond all my previous attempts looked like, that’s a huge improvement thanks to your tutorial

Sanctuary: This looks pretty good :slight_smile: perhaps adding a bit more length randomisation and a bit more color randomisation on your cloud noize (making it smaller). If you want the hair to look more smooth simply increase the b-spline steps in the particle panel under render :slight_smile: keep in mind however that the higher that value is, the longer it will render. The default of 3 is perfect for short hair, but when it gets long, increase it slightly to 4 or 5, and with really long hair, go to 6 or 7, max is 9 and I wouldn’t use it for anything exept maybe something like Reponzel in Tangled :slight_smile: Keep practicing, look at some references, try to reproduce them, have fun with it above all :slight_smile:

Happy Blending :slight_smile:

Experimenting around those values, thanks.
But what is that “color randomisation on your cloud noise” you’re refering to ?
In this quick test i just used simple monocolored materials ?

edit : oh i think i see what you meant, though i didn’t used any procedural texture (and so no cloud noise) because i didn’t knew it was possible on hair particles, great another thing learned today :smiley:

So i did have some fun with the settings you suggested :
changed a bit too much some of them as it changed completely the “smooth” of the hair into something more heavy fur-like, will have some fun experimenting around, thanks :slight_smile:

Sanctuary, perhaps a little too red for my taste. You need to play a bit with your lighting and also make sure your skin shader on your mesh has receive transparent in the shadow section. Its also way too curly for my tastes, but I can see you are having fun and that is just plain awesome :wink:

Happy Blending :slight_smile:

Great tutorial :slight_smile:
I learned a lot from it

You said in your tutorial there isn’t a easier way to select the vertices. Try going into face select mode, press C, and then highlight the faces for your vertex groups before you switch back to vertice mode.

XeroShadow, thanks for the tip :slight_smile: I will give that a try right away :slight_smile:

Happy Blending :slight_smile:

totally awesome tutorial
learnt alot

Quite a practical tutorial, you tell in great destails. Just watch a few minutes of it, glad to save it for later use.

AA3D: Thank you and welcome :slight_smile:
Harry: Glad I don’t sound too boring :stuck_out_tongue:

Happy Blending :slight_smile:

Great! This tutorial is just what the doctor ordered :slight_smile:
Thank you for such a great tutorial. Full of information and well paced. Also, just in time to help me with my next school project. Woohoo!

thankyou for sharing!

Thanks for the tutorial! Did you ever get around to figuring out long hair animation? I’m having a devil of a time with it.


Only problem I am having is that I cannot seem to find any of these options in Blender?

Can you elaborate how to get to where you make hair? I have 2.7 installed and many options don’t seem to be available.

What options ? Show us what you see and indicate what you don’t

Did you try opening the blend file ?

For the materials are you using the default render engine that comes with blender (as in the video) or have you changed it (top of the blender interface) to something else such as Cycles ?