Blender Halo..


I’ve been working on a fps shooter. Looking for input and if anyone would be willing to assist with multiplayer. I only wish there was a Blender game console in development!

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Looks cool, I think you should try to add some hands. I´m interested in more updates.

I’m really liking the (I don’t know what you would call it) subtle highlighting around the edges of the objects. Is that beveled geometry, a shader effect, or just an artifact of video compression? Either way, it’s very nice.

Do you plan on doing a single-player campaign as well? I am one of the rare few who never liked multiplayer in Halo, and preferred single-player, or co-op against the AI.

Hey this game is looking really great! i like the look of it and the simplistic shapes and colors! i agree with @CG_Sky! you should add some hands a HUD and more guns whenever possible! But then again of course you must have planned to do that already! well ill leave you to it! Keep up the great work!!! :slight_smile:

Wow, looks awesome! What do you plan to do with this little tech demo?

Hey Guys!

Thanks for the feedback. I do plan on adding some FPS hands. There’s a sharpen filter over everything which brings out the edges.My main goal is just to take this tech demo to the point where the next step is implementing multiplayer. In that time ill be fixing the bugs and trying to make it perfect. I don’t want to go so far into a campaign although its possible

I liked the movement of the player! Is very fluid. Congratulations.

As Nines, also never enjoyed multiplayer, especially in this age of start up money without offering compatible content.

FPS Hands

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That rifle reload is sweet

Nice! dem hands are lookin sweet!!! :slight_smile:

I wish i could help, but i got my hands full. Please keep us informed this looks really nice. :smiley:

looks great!!! FYI don’t go too far with the “fan-art” or else you won’t be able to sell it without getting sued.

That is pretty cool

Guys, here’s an update. I also have a demo so I can get some feedback.

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I believe your link is broken… looks really good so far.

I really like the coloring and crystal look of everything,
but please make Hands more “mechanical” or mecha and I think the muzzle flash is too big and lasts too long.
Overall great work

… that link is also broken… :-(…really cool… I am almost drooling looking at it… :smiley: