Blender handling Normal maps differently?

Is it just me, or does blender handle normal maps differently than other software?
I mean, the tangent normal maps blender generated for me is lighter than traditionally.

I’ve generated a normal map by connecting a height map to the output node displacement and baking.
The result is a weirdly light normal map, but it doesn’t really work perfectly in GLSL, because the light blue color that indicates “Flat” isn’t really facing the real normal of a face, apparently.
So, i’ve used “mach color” in photoshop for the normal map to look traditional.
While the texture looks fine, it still gives false results. The blue color doesn’t face directly up either.

How do I generate and make sure that a normal map works in other programs as well as it does in blender?

Nevermind, solved it.
Apparently, the normal maps have to be 8 bit, not 16bit.
I don’t know why that makes a difference, but it does.

Also, I think that that was a normal map generation bug.
Am I right?