blender hangs in textured mode

Hi, first post here :smiley:
I’ve searched the forum but found no explanation.

The last couple days I got blender 2.49a frozen multiple times.
The causes were :

  1. switching to textured mode, or
  2. unhiding some objects while in textured mode

Just this morning I tried opening my last year project, which was fine back then in textured mode, but this morning it was frozen too.
I thought it must be my PC’s fault. The changed setting about some weeks ago is my Graphics Aperture Size setting in BIOS.
So, I set it back to 128 MB (yesterday it was 16 MB), and tried blending again, and it works just right ! :smiley:

As far as I know, that setting is the amount of system RAM which will be used if the graphics card’s RAM is full.
My graphics card is ATI HD4670 with 1 GB GDDR3, so it can’t be full only by opening my simple scene.

What’s confusing me is :
I thought Blender sends the textures to the graphics card in the textured mode, but it seems it only uses the system RAM.
Or, am I missing some switch somewhere ?
Or, is this problem already solved in the latest version of Blender ?


Or, is this problem already solved in the latest version of Blender ?

Give the 2.6 series a try. 2.49 is dead. When I enable GLSL textures on 2.65 I get a lag while Blender does it’s thing to prepare the viewports. The more textures in my scene, the longer the lag. But after that it works fine.