Blender Hard surface model creation video ( in progress)

Hi, I’m working on my personal project. I used blender for the whole process of creation. Sculpting, Retopology, unwrap, texture painting, shader creation all in blender .

I record the my process of creation. If you’re interested you can see the video here. It is a raw screen capture . Please patient , it is long.

Continue making the Robotic armor .
Here is my progress. The whole modeling, texture painting, and Render in blender.


Really loving the organic/metal details in there! Very cool stuff.

Really nice, would like to see some more.


More render of my Sci-fi suit.


Testing the animation.
I created the weapon with hard surface modeling technique. I’m not satisfied with the details.
The suit with created with sculpting and bump map painting in Blender.
I think Bump map painting can achieve more details.