Blender has completely broken down and gone crazy!

Sorry, not surer how else to describe it. I thought my old laptop was dying, but it only happens with Blender. I use version 2.79 because the hardware is old. I tried reinstalling 2.79b to fix it, but no luck.

In short, Blender acts like I am pressing all kinds of buttons. It used to just be the 5 on numpad, but now… I don’t even know. I tried to go to settings, but something “ghost clicks” on the outliner option before I can even click on settings. The 3D window flicks back and forth between ortho and perspective, lightning fast, and if I click on a text field, it sometimes writes a string of endless 5. I can make it stop that, but it still flicks the 3D view and does the ghost clicking.

No other software seems affected. Back when it started, I got the endless 5 in other texts, too, making me suspect hardware failure, but there are no problems now. And even back then, it seemed to start whenever I used Blender!

Am I haunted???

Edit: I deleted the driver for the laptop keyboard, just to check if the effect remained when the keyboard didn’t work. The effect disappeared. However, the keyboard still works, with no driver. 35 years of using computers and I do not understand what the hell goes on inside these devil machines…

To me this sounds very much like some hardware issue, perhaps your other apps don’t pick it up because those issues don’t show up as readily? Have you tried cleaning the keyboard?

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I have tried damned near everything. But as I edited above, completely deleting (not updating or replacing, DELETING) the keyboard driver seems to have set everything in its rightful place. For some darn reason…

I dunno how old your machine is, or even what version of Windows you’re running. But it still does sound to me like a hardware-related issue. Might be time to look into upgrading your machine.

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