''Blender has stopped working''


Every time I try to launch blender, the a little CMD box pops up and then another pop up saying ‘‘Blender has stopped working’’ submerges in front of it.

I’ve tried Blender 2.62 32bit/64bit, 2.61, 2.60 and 2.49…

Nothing seems to work.

I’ve re-tried every installation after installing Python 2.7.2 but it still doesn’t work.

I’ve also tried all the compatibilities and it still doesn’t work.

-Thank you in advance.


You need the right bit-version, 32 or 64, I doubt any of them will start on the wrong OS… And what OS are you running?

I’d check out the latest builds off www.graphicall.org - most of them are not installers, just unzip & run Blender.