Blender Headless Errors

So, I have 2 machines. Different h/w specs. Both running ubuntu 16.04 LTS. Running Blender 2.79.

I am testing the system with a simple script the enables an add-on, imports mesh, and saves the blend file

The problem:
Machine 1 - everything runs perfectly, get my blend file with the mesh imported
Machine 2 - gets illegal instruction(core dumped) error message.

the command run is: blender -b -P -noaudio --debug-all

attaching debug output from both as well as the python script.
Machine1.pdf (20.3 KB)Machine2.pdf (18.6 KB)blender_test.pdf (10.2 KB)

I can find anything from this that explains why machine 2 fails. Same versions of all required software…python, blender, …