Blender<>Headus UVLayout/RizomUV (B2RUVL)

Hello guys,

B2RUVL - it is a bridge for UV maps editing at Headus UVLayout v2 or RizomUV, like 2in1 version.

Blender 2.8 -
RizomUV -
UVLayout -

– Buy/Download –
Blender market

–Blender version–
2.8 and 2.81

– OS –
Windows only

– Installation –

  1. Blender->Edt->Preferences->Add-ons->Install from file…
  2. Define paths to applications

– Usage –
Everything is automatic:

  1. Select mode (New or Edit), select channel for edit
  2. Send to UVLayout or RizomUV
  3. Do UVs
  4. When finish in:
    • UVLayout - press “Send” button
    • RizomUV - press shortcut “Ctrl+S” or Save file
  5. Thats all. You will recieve UVs automaticly and apllication will be closed(not Blender).

Thank you very much!


Ps you do know some one already made an add-on for this app do you?

Yep, here is another one B2RizomUV but it is also paid.

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Does this support smooth groups and multiple UV exports to B2RizomUV ?

B2RUVL works with exact defined channel in case of obj format. But if I change it to fbx it will be possible to work with multiple and smooth ing groups.

Well,do it have a option to export fbx format ?

Can you provide a demonstration video? I want to know if it works correctly.


Hi Bop, I will make demo video soon. And it will be like : for UVLayout it will be using OBJ for RizomUV - FBX. And in future i’m going to add an option - Muliple or work on all UVmaps.
PS: i have to add “to do” list

i add some properties to UVLayout part of the bridge:

  • Surface type SUBD/Poly
  • Mark cut edges in UVLayout automaticly by marked sharp(Hard) edges from Blender. But it works only for single object.

Many thanks!


Hello i bough it>install it> make my rizomuv exe path> and after that i cant start plug in i didnt see it in blender 2.8 is it possible to add shortcut or menu button?

Hi there,
it’s on a right side of 3dview.

PS: it is active only in object mode not in edit.

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Thanks a lot!

Video added to topic header.

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Thanks for your video, I will buy it and look forward to more perfect synchronization and multi - UV support!


I found a bug that could not be imported into rizomuv when the name of UVMap was UVMap.001 .
Please fix this bug, thank you!

Script updated to version 003.

Bug fixes:
for RizomUV part of addon:
- UVmap name doesn’t correspond RizomUV naming rules
New feature:
- Multi UV support.

Many thanks!

Script updated to v004

  • Multi UV fixes and improvements
  • Added RizomUV preferences (unwrap and layout tabs)
    many thanks!

Install error ( blender-2.80.0-git.96f762500ef9 | Jan. 07. 2019 ):

Yep, i’m working on update, please wait.

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So add-on updated to version 005.

  • Fixed code in case Blender updates
  • Preferences updated
  • Code improvements
  • Icons added
    Many thanks!
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i tried to send it back from headus to blender and i got this message