-> "Blender Help Center" <- Serious proposal!

Hi guys!

This is meant for the Blender Cracks out there, or just anyone who thinks he can provide solutions to n00b problems in general.

Before your eyes roll up: cash is involved :wink:

I recently participated in a Blenducation class which was awesome. Now I wondered if it were possible to find a congregation of experienced Blender users that were willing to expose themselves to n00bs from time to time and show them, directly online, via Dimdim or so, how to solve their problems on screen, “24/7”. As we all come from different parts in the world and thus different time zones, this should be possible without great trouble, as long as there are enough participants willing to help.

This could maybe be realized through a fee that could be split in various ways.

This is how I imagined it: there would be fixed participants thrown into an online “pool” on the BHC website. Each of them might have a special field of proficiency that would be indicated together with his online status. No pressure there, if you’re not online, you’re not online. Then the n00b would have a limited amount of “support tickets” available for the fee he pays. This is simply to avoid people popping in 20 times without having a clue about what they really need/want. He can use one ticket to get a limited amount of time with the available tutor. Limited time means well-thought questions, good workflow and time/value relation.

As long as some take it halfway serious and really dedicate some time of their days to this, it could work, and, as said, it would involve money. Without money I don’t think it would work. Of course, this won’t bring riches and wealth to the tutors, 100$/hour won’t be possible, in the beginning anyway. This should also just be like a little “side job” when you hang out in front of the PC blending or so. Maybe this thing could grow, anyway, once people realize it’s there. Blenducation works great, but only at particular hours and days and with a specific programme. This would be totally DIFFERENT.

I don’t know if anybody has brought something like that up before, but my experience has taught me this could be a tremendous help - basically for everyone. I have trouble learning Blender because my time is very limited. Sometimes I can only dedicate a few days/hours a week to Blender, and if I have to wait for people to be so kind and dedicate some of their time to save mine, it sometimes takes too long to be able to proceed quickly enough not to lose it again until the next Blender time is available.

What do you guys think? Should we try to get this rolling somehow? Am I being realistic?

Please respond!