Blender help FAQ

I have notaced in the time that I’ve been on elYsiun that there are these questions that keep coming up, that are teh same problem over and over agian, and they always have the same answer. so I am trying to put together a FAQ of questions that are commonly asked, and the solutions to them.

Q: The interface is blurry, what do I do to fix it?

A: You probubly have anti-aliasing turned on in your graphics settings, turn it off, and you should be fine.

Q: How do I make glass?

A: First, set the hardness of the material as high as possible, and turn on RayMirror. You should set the RayMirror setting to about 75% or higher(go by feel). and then turn on eitther ray-transp, or if you want to have a refraction effect, the IOR for glass is 1.4.

Feel free to append questions that you see asked often, and their answers.

Main ones that i’ve noticed asked over and over are -

How do i select vert at the back as well as front ?

How do i change material without it effecting the other objects ?

How do i get rid of the black lines at joins in my model ?

How do i give the same object more then one material ?

How do i view the texture in 3d window ?