Blender help in/near Amsterdam


With the help of some great people we’ve been using Blender for some very different things. I’m pretty happy about how things came out and they even put a post on the BlenderNation forum ( ) to show the result.
Now for our next big work we’re also using Blender to help us figuring out the right shape for our next sculpture. I’m starting to discover that my skills aren’t really sufficient to model the kind of shape we have in mind. At this point there is a clay version of the shape I’m after and i’ve managed to model the space the piece is going to be placed in. However, i haven’t yet succeeded in modeling the irregular mesh I’m after.

I know it seems like the lazyman’s option but it would be fantastic to sit down with someone with some good mesh modeling skills. The shape isn’t that complex and I wouldn’t imagine it to be a big job (an hour or so should do it). If there is anyone near Amsterdam who would want to swap a few beers (and our gratitude) for an hour or so of Blender, it would be great to hear from you.

:slight_smile: David