Blender help in PDF format?

I know at one time, the Blender Wiki was available in PDF format, but since it’s changed dramatically, how can I convert the current help available into PDF format?

Why is it important to have the document in PDF format?

Or are you just looking for a downloadable version?

I just think it’s easy for me to have it in a downloadable version, if at all possible. If it is possible, it’d probably be easy to update the PDF file itself as new versions (or new sub versions) of blender come out.

Probably because PDF is one of the most common (if not the most) portable document file format (PDF means what it means after all) and for a lot of people, downloading a document means downloading a PDF.

And now he mentions it, I would like to know if there is a d/l version of the manual too. I tried to save the web page on my comp, but it only save the current page…

edit: Something strange happened…

I was answearing to ideasman42, and ndiniz answear didn’t shows at that moment oO
Anyway, PDF is still a great thing :stuck_out_tongue:

I also prefer PDF
then I can add my own notes pics ect to complement the doc

make it more personnel !

note: don’t really know of like to work with HTML pages!

happy bl

I think this should be a project of sorts

I had a PDF generating for a while, but it wasn’t working that well (table layouts mainly),
We can have downloadable HTML version though, just a matter of setting it up - nothing really complicated.

one suggestion
if possible give a choice then
people can pick what they like the most and be happy !

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HTML it is then.

Its not that simple, getting PDF’s working takes time to setup, and when adjusting the docs - PDF’s needs to be supported - or at the very least, prevent from breaking.

If anyone wants - grab the manual, try


sphinx-build -b latex ./manual ./latex 

Then resolve the error messages that show up.

Can I do the exact same thing for the Blender Python API?

I have generated PDF manuals from the Sphinx documentation.


Does anyone know where are the sources for the Python API docs?

They are generated after compilation using (only worked on linux for me). There are instructions in the file how to use it.


do u do update ounce and a while for the PDF version
would be nice cause of all the updates over time!

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The sphinx system Blender uses for the new manual makes it really easy to generate htmls(and epubs if I am not mistaken) and pdfs, but as ideasman notes, the formatting is currently ugly and messes with tables, so if someone wants to put in effort to get the formatting right, the BF can offer these files quite easily.

if someone can do it
let us know cause I would prefer PDF format
if possible open so u can add you own notes inside the PDF file

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@guoci, did you have to make many changes to get the PDF from the manual?

Last I tried it gave a lot of errors and I didnt especially want to resolve all.
But since you managed it, we could commit the changes committed into SVN, to at least keep the option open.

@RickyBlender I have just submitted a patch. If it isn’t approved, I will update it monthly.
@ideasman42 yes, there are lots of changes. Please approve it!

Thanks @guoci applied changes & mailed bf-docboard