Blender help please

Hi All. I am totally new to Blender and I would like some help please. When I am in blender and when I start the program it says " No installed Python found" Can someone tell me if this is normal or do I have the wrong blender installed. Or do I miss a programme in it. I know that python is for scripting but thats all I know. Thank you. :confused:

It doesn’t matter, blender work find without python installed, you just need to install python if you want to make some python’s programs in blender

Hello 3akycka. That sets my mind at rest. I thought that I would get problems down the road when I made something and that it comes up with “sorry there is no Python” or such… Thank you!

Just a presision:
In fact we can use python with blender even if it is not instaled. This for the gameblender (perhaps also for the remainder I don’t know?) who has his own intepretor. But python is then limited has certain function. If we wants to use all the functions it should be installed.

Thanks. I have Python installed as a separate prog: But Blender did not find that. But never mind, if I really start to need it, I will probably know al there is to know about Blender. I find it by the way a great programme. Anyways, thanks for your help.