Blender help

I have a few questions about blender 3D. Can it import maya mb files or just wavefront objs. If i can only import objs is there a sufficient rigging system inside of blender 3D? Also whenever I import my objs the textures are all dark in preview, is there anyway to fix this. Lastly how complicated is the gaming engine part of the program becuase thats basically why im looking into Blender 3d.
Thanks for any feedback or answers.

i’ve used several game engines in my time and blender is by far the best as far as human interface to power of engine ratio is conserned. Right now with Bullet 2.70 physics, and GLSL shading, the only thing it is lacking is a bit more optimization. Basically just to get it to run even faster than it does now - I mean, it’s already really fast. Just not as fast as say CryEngine2.

I’d highly recommend blender game engine.
And the answer to all your other questions is just to learn the basics, there are tons of blender video tutorials all over the net. Try searching “super3boy” as well as “bitsofblender” on youtube. You’ll see a series of beginner tutorials that will fix you right up

Ok thanks, ill start watching those tutorials.

Ive been watching the tutorials and im getting familiar with the interface, but still i cant find a tutorial that talks about importing objs into blender. Would you happen to know why my textures are dark in preview and when i start the game, but render fine?

go to the mode and change it to texture mode this should bring back some light on the boject
but you want see the texture per say this is only valid in render viewport


Great. Thanks for help Rickyblender.