Blender help

I am looking for someone to show me how to work in blender or to do the work for me in blender. at the beginning the job will not supply income. depending on how things go income or possibly royalties may be provided. I am needing expert work or at least near expert work in creating, fleshing out, animating, human, and scenery. I have practiced some on my own and have successfully imported modles from makehuman but cant get much more past that.

Hello, I am interested in helping out, however I am not 100% sure exactly what you want done or what you would like to learn.

I can show you how to use Blender, and possibly do some work. Being honest, I’m not one of the best, but I can do what you want. If you’re interested, my skype name is live:bpumfleet or just message me on BlenderArtists!

looking to make short fully animated films roughly 3-10 mins long to upload onto youtube.

thank you for the interest in wanting to help, though I stated I wanted expert help I may not need it, however I don’t see how you could help from the moon lol jk. what im wanting to be able to do is make short animation films roughly 3-10 mins long to upload onto to youtube.

if you have questions on what I am wanting you can email me at [email protected] that same name will also work for twitter and youtube.