blender hex logo + first attempt at yafray


nice! i love the coloring alot

Cool :slight_smile:

darn… I’m late… I haven’t done a YaFray test yet :frowning:


Very cool!

Beautiful :smiley:

darn… I’m late… I haven’t done a YaFray test yet

Me too! Aargh… no free time at all.


the perfect wallpaper!
you get 5 ztonzies and one extra green monkey :wink:
:Z :Z :Z :Z :Z


Your Blender render version of this was impressive, but this one is very impressive! Nice stuff.

/me adds it to his wallpaper collection.


This is great. The original is great. I checked out your website, too. Bump mapped plane in front of the camera, eh? Tricky indeed.

Thousands of little bricks. Brilliant!!

An interesting point with this render and possibly pointing to a weirdness in YAFRAY itself, or maybe just the way I am looking at it.

But dont the bricks just under the logo appear to be lighter in the refraction (glass) than they really are underneath the logo. Almost as though the specular highlight is amplifying the image underneath.

Nothing with the scene, which is awesome, but something in the algorithm somewhere perhaps?

Or maybe the light is shining through the glass to illuminate the bricks underneath, but look closely. I dont think it is that.


It might be explained by saying, well… the main logo appears brighter, because it is refracting, and reflecting, so there is an addiiton of light shown to the camera point of view. while the blocks are mostly refracting nothing but black from beneath them. Maybe :slight_smile:

MrNeil - Pandora

Very nice!

I went to your website, and I saw the one with the Windows logo surrounded by explosives. I agree with the message you’re getting across, but it might be troublesome having the detonator so close to the large pile of explosives and nuclear bomb. :wink:

Overall, nice work!

ohhhhh… details, details. you’ll be fine! hahaha
see what ya do is trick Mr. Gates into doing it… 2 birds with 1 stone eh?


MrNeil - Pandora

Ah, good idea! :slight_smile:

WOW! is that ever slick looking!
something weird happening with the checkerboard in the top-left corner.

I think I have a new desktop image here!