Blender Hollywood Banner

Working on this web graphic for our LA Blender Meetup group. I’ve tinkered with it off and on the past couple days. I think its about ready.

Any suggestions?

I like it.

Thanks Steve. I made some minor adjustments. Added slight mist, changed the color of the green bushes a bit.

Unless anyone else has anything to add, I may call this complete.

Ok. Some more adjustments. Made the shadows sharper. Changed the sky color. Darkened the dirt a bit.

I like too, maybe just slightly more geometry/color variation to the grass.

@mik1190: Thanks. You’re right. I need to add some variation to the grass. I’ll get to that next.

What do you all think about this sunset version? Which do you prefer?

Changed up the grass a bit.

Calling it done with this one.