Blender Hotkeys for Macs

I recently made the transition to Mac from PC, but now I’m finding myself screwed over with blender, as the hotkeys don’t work and I am stuck with a one-button mouse. This is probably a stupid question, but is there a Mac substitue for left-clicking? Is there some sort of blender hotkey guide for mac users? I’ve become do accustomed to kotkeys, i no longer know how to do anything manually! argh!

first: consider getting a 3 button mouse

second: the only button on a mac acts as the left button

alt[option]+lmb is middle mouse [this is an option in the prefrences, emulate 3 button mouse [on by default]

on the mac, apple+click is the right mouse button

none of the keyboard-only shortcuts should be different
[except for rendering, which was made control+f12 in one release at least because f12 is used on the ibooks to eject the disc]

I have just the thing for ya:


Thanks. At first I thought that said “low poly cow poop.” Now I have an idea for a project.

Hmmmmm, that gives me an idea, too…