Blender how to fix render issue

Hi, so my model doesn’t really render correctly. It doesn’t render how it actually looks and I dont know how to fix it.

What is expected to be “correctly” and what is not?

Well he should look like this:

But he is kinda transparent and mushy.

It usually happens when this setting is Alpha Blend. If it’s so, change it to opaque.


It already is.

Can we have your file?

Sadly not, because I can’t attach big files as a new user…

You can use a file transfer service.

Good idea.

You haven’t packed you textures to the file yet. To do that, File > External Data > Pack all into .blend

Anyway, without the textures, I don’t see any problem in the material preview mode.

Sorry, I’m not used to this. Here’s the file

Works well on my machine, nothing changed.

I tried installing the newest version of Blender and this fixed the bug. Looks like there was something wrong with Blender itself…