Blender how to keep surfaces together during an animation

Hi guys!

I just started using blender 2 weeks ago and am loving it! But I have hit a little snag and my google-fu powers have not helped me with this little snag.

I will first say that I switched from 3DS Max to blender. In 3DS Max there was a modifier called Skin Wrap. Using Skin Wrap I could wrap one mesh around another and have the two meshes stay together like that pretty accurately through an animation.

If you are having trouble imaging what I am saying, think of a sock on a foot staying on the foot through a walk cycle animation.

Does that make sense?

Is there an equivalent way of doing this in Blender?

I know there is the Shrinkwrap modifier but that only seems to be good for making the meshes have the same shape on just the first frame only. It is immediately no good after the first frame. I have been looking all over for a way to do this but have found nothing.

So now I am here looking for help. Thank you guys in advance. And please let me knw if I amposting in the wrong area.

Does this method work for your needs?:

Bingo! Nailed it! Thank you so much!

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