Blender how to mirror hand bone pose

On a rigify model, it took me some time to animate the left side from a hand (grabbing something).
I’d like to mirror the left-hand pose to the right-hand, is there some way to do that, in blender 2.8 ?

Sure there is! Go to the frame you want to mirror, select all the hand bones, press Ctrl + C and… wait for it… Ctrl + Shift + V to paste mirrored! :slight_smile: (love this feature in blender)

You have to be with the cursor in the 3d viewport for this shortcut to work.

then it seems to apply to the same right side ?
Note this is not about creating rigs, this about posing mirror it

(not copy left armature to a new right armature ).

Can’t make it any simpler then this really. Hope this helps.

Ah i found it, the problem was that i thought i had used rigify, instead it was a manual rig. thus i dont have the L R extensions to the bone names.

Haha, my first thought was that stuff just was named incorrectly. But hey, you used Rigify so that can’t be it right? XD

Glad you got it solved though! :+1: