blender humour and poetry!

hey guys i always come up with stupid ideas so heres another!:smiley:
post ur humour and poetry related to cg and blender here!:smiley:

here goes:

Technology’s impact:
Dad’s e-mail: Dear son, hw r u…?
ur mom & me r fine
& v miss u a lot,
plz turn off ur pc & come downstairs 4 dinner!!.. :smiley:

Brilliant :smiley:

It’s tough to be a 13 year old parents, especially if they write like that.

excellent man.
hehe this is getting fun.:smiley:
keep posting guys.
my stuff is coming soon too.

come on people post something ur making this thread dead.

I thought about this the other day, I tried to think of Blender/CG Chat up lines all I could think of was rigid bodies and soft bodies…

haha!! blender chat up lines… Hey there, thats some nice topology you got there… or… wow you look so good you almost look real!..

lol :smiley:
k keep posting this is either fun or im getting mad due to exams lol:D

k short tutorial on making a hell with blender:- up blender and model and texture the worst u can.
2.ask others to see ur masterpiece
3. they will sure say “WHAT THE HELL IS THIS???”

uve completed the tut and made a hell with blender
thats all ! not really fun?
happy “blundering”
lol :smiley: