Blender Hydra

BGE game(editor) multiplayer server + BPY server + Bge(game) multiplayer server

inside the editor, you make maps in 3d from inside a game, and can program Ai and test them etc, there is a button that launches the game you are editing,

in the edit mode and in the game mode, have commands that use a network socket to be able to edit meshes in realtime in game, by piping commands to bpy server to operate on meshes and generate and save new meshes that are then libloaded.

over time, add support for most operations you need to model,
setup texture painting in game.

add vive support,

This tool would be for online collaberation and game development,
as well as for education and entertainment.

think second life but for a small team of artists or students.

resulting ‘game’ can be published on steam etc.

I need a BPY coder, who is familiar with networking, and potentially a backend developer to add python commands, (like threaded recalculate normals in the bge*)